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Def:  Nominative determinism (noun) is the hypothesis that people tend to gravitate towards areas of work that fit their names. One explanation for nominative determinism is implicit egotism, which states that humans have an unconscious preference for things they associate with themselves.


Tony Fantastic started drawing at a young age. He was a master finger painter in kindergarten. a virtuoso in macaroni art, and, by his fifth birthday (he was born on February 29th in a leap year) was performing weekly comic strips at Humber College. Tony Fantastic had arrived.  It was written in the stars. Well to be more precise, it was written in his name. 
That was thirty years ago, and the latent talent continues to fizz and fester like a zombie's soul that has recently drizzled, with consummate disdain.
Fantastic is now a fully-grown pervert. He started to focus on art as a profession after a spine surgery left him immobilized for months. During that time, he created a coloring book, which he published and sold over 800 copies. He was featured in Rue Morgue magazine, Shock 'til you Drop, and bloodydisgusting.com

Fantastic holds the record for 348th place in Space Invaders (2009): The Reunion. He can tear a phone book in half. And on some days, in half again. He sees this act as a metaphor.

Tony studied illustration and digital arts at George Brown, where he liberally watered his odd fetishes and, as cover, became a pre-eminent horror movie junkie and comic book nerd.  
By day, he created art digitally or Amish-style, using traditional media such as ink, marker, watercolor, and pencil.  By night, he was the pre-Raphaelite curled front man for high energy party rock band, Romeo Liquor Store, with an uncanny knack and penchant for on- and off-stage brawls that never seemed to snap his spine back into shape. 
He has a fear - irrational to some, but rational to him- of ostriches and other large land birds
He remains an enigma, a paradox and a phenomenon. He can be found in his old pal, the phone book.  

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